Faculty of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics

Why Istinye Nutrition and Dietetics?

Istinye University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has an academic staff consisting of academic staff with scientific expertise and doctorate degrees. All courses in the syllabus of this department, which has a multidisciplinary structure, are given by academicians in their field of expertise.


The education language of the department is Turkish and there is no compulsory preparatory education. Students can optionally take preparatory education or attend general and/or vocational foreign language courses offered by the university.


The syllabus of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has been prepared in accordance with the National Core Education Program and has a wide pool of elective courses.



All applied courses in the syllabus of the department are conducted at Liv Hospital and Medical Park Hospitals under MLP Care. In this process, all students benefit from the applied course opportunities unconditionally.


Practical courses in the syllabus of the department are carried out in department laboratories and these laboratories are as follows:

1. Nutrition and Dietetics Laboratory (Topkapı Campus)

2. Nutrition Principles Laboratory (MATBAH) (Topkapı Campus)


Within the scope of Graduation Project I-II courses in the 7th and 8th semesters of the department syllabus, all of our students have the opportunity to conduct research and turn it into a scientific publication if they wish.



Our students can participate in free double major and minor programs in many departments and programs of the University, especially in other departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences.



Our students can benefit from Erasmus opportunities if they meet the necessary application conditions. https://erasmus.istinye.edu.tr/


After graduating from our undergraduate program, our students can apply to the Institute of Health Sciences Nutrition and Dietetics Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's Programs; They can benefit from scholarship opportunities up to 100% according to the conditions determined by the Senate.



Quota of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics; It has been determined as a total of 60 students, 9 with full scholarship and 51 with 50% scholarship, for 2021.