Faculty of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics

Message from the Head of Department

A person, who has completed at least 4 years of a Nutrition and Dietetics Department of any health-related university receives a nutrition and dietetics diploma, is can work as a dietitian. Dietitians regulate nutrition programs for individuals and communities in accordance with the principles of nutrition science to protect and improve the health of the people and increase the quality of life; control foods; give nutritional education to individuals and the society and provide awareness; prepare a nutrition plan for the pregnant and fetus in preconception period; plan dietary and educational programs in accordance with medical treatment in diseases and other special circumstances.

Students of Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty of Health Sciences Istinye University can work as an intern in approximately 30 hospitals, including "Liv Hospital", "Medical Park" and "VM Medical Park". Our successful graduates will have the opportunity to work in the "MLPCare Group", which combines "Liv Hospital", "Medical Park" and "VM Medical Park" hospitals.

Since the number of dietitians in our country is insufficient in terms of the needs of the country, the students who graduate from our department have high chances of finding a job in public and private institutions. Dietitians, who are very important in the health sector are generally working areas: family health centers, schools, dialysis units, counseling centers, hotels, nursing homes, food factories, rehabilitation units, restaurants and international organizations. In adition to became an academician, they can work as administrators, researchers and educators in private or public institutions related to food and nutrition.