Faculty of Health Sciences

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)

About the Department

The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is giving education in English within the Faculty of Health Sciences and is five years with the English Prep School. The mission of the Department is to train students as physiotherapists with a strong foundation in basic and clinical sciences with excellence in patient management and clinical training in the area of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In this context, the vision of the department is to be an educational organization embracing to teach and train individuals as physiotherapists with high quality and contemporary knowledge and skills in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Under the guidance and support of the faculty members.

Starting from 2018-2019 the faculty with high professional backgrounds in their specialized areas such as orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, rheumatological rehabilitation, orthotics, and prosthetics rehabilitation as well as kinesiology and biomechanics gives education and training of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the students under its mission and vision. The educational facilities of the Department are also of high quality to perform the laboratory practicums that are required before the clinical practices. These are Therapeutic Exercise Lab, Electrophysical Agents Lab, Electrotherapy Lab, Neurological Rehabilitation Lab, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Lab, and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Lab that are all well equipped for the students to perform the physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice and assessment procedures, not only at the graduate level but also at post-graduate levels.

Istinye University provides our students the opportunity to perform their internship period at more than 30 hospitals with advanced technology such as Liv Hospitals, Medical Park, and VM Medical Park Hospitals so that they can utilize the skills and knowledge they had throughout their theoretical courses and laboratory practicums. The graduates may also have the opportunity to work at the “MLPCare Group” which includes the above-mentioned hospitals within its framework.

Graduates of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department can find employment at state and private hospitals, health care institutions, private rehabilitation centers, prosthesis-orthosis and rehabilitation centers, primary health care institutions, industrial facilities, schools, sports clubs, nursing homes, occupational rehabilitation, and spa centers, private clinics, and home care centers.

The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation became a member of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) in 2021. We also have international collaborations with universities all around the world and Erasmus partnerships with leading European universities. Our students can study or have their internships in Europe through Erasmus Programs. A list of the universities that our program has cooperation with can be found in the link below:


According to the academic cooperation protocol between İstinye University and the Winston Salem State University (WSSU) in North Carolina, in the USA the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has a joint degree program with the Doctoral of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program of The School of Health Sciences. Therefore, our graduates have the opportunity to continue their study in WSSU and have the title of Doctoral of Physical Therapy with a diploma that is valid in the U.S.A. and all over the world.

The young physiotherapists that graduate,

Will possess the necessary ethical values

· Be role models who are active in protecting the health of the community

· Who can guide individuals towards a healthy and high-quality life

· Who are aware that they are effective members of the health care team

· Who has the necessary national and international professional proficiency

· Who are well-rehearsed in training and rehabilitation

· Who have taken the philosophy of life-long learning and teaching in physiotherapy and rehabilitation