Faculty of Health Sciences


About Us

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Sennur Kula Şahin, Bölüm Başkanı

Our university, which approaches nursing and nursing education with a different perspective than other universities, is rapidly advancing towards becoming an indispensable and preferred educational institution that makes a difference by raising qualified manpower in the health sector with its Turkish and English nursing departments.

Vision of the Nursing Department
To be an indispensable and preferred educational institution by revealing the effect of nursing in the improvement and development of health at national and universal level, by making a difference by raising qualified manpower in the health sector.

Mission of the Nursing Department
In order to protect and improve the health of the society, in the light of current scientific data, it is to train nurses who radiate positive energy, have universal thoughts and values, with researcher, questioning, analytical thinking and leadership qualities in accordance with the qualifications determined within the framework of international standards.

Our Values
We believe that life is the core value.
We accept the uniqueness of the individual.
We support all kinds of work for the benefit of humanity.
It is our basic principle not to discriminate in service.
We take care to establish positive relationships.
Honesty and mutual trust is our principle.
We believe in the necessity of creative and critical thinking.
We are open to continuous improvement.
We believe in the importance of our leadership role.
We are committed to professional, legal and ethical values
We give priority to quality in our personal and professional life.
We aim for lifelong learning.