Faculty of Health Sciences


Message from the Head of Department


Prof. Besti ÜSTÜN
Head of Department

Dear Colleagues, Dear Students

Nursing is an applied profession consisting of science and art. Nursing is a health discipline that provides care at the stage of protecting and improving the health of the individual, family and society, treatment and rehabilitation in case of illness. Changes in society day by day cause the increase and diversification of health problems. Nursing care needs to change and develop in the increasing and changing health problems. The solution to these problems; It can be achieved by applying evidence-based nursing care by following rapidly changing scientific knowledge. Another feature in solving problems is possible with nurses who can work in team cooperation. Nursing care should be given in a way that respects human dignity, values ​​people and is safe.

Manifesto of İstinye University; leadership, working with a team spirit, competitive, rational, strategic thinking, valuing knowledge, living with universal ethical values, hardworking, being responsible to society, being an athlete and being cultured. Istinye University Department of Nursing aims to educate its students with both the values ​​of nursing and the values ​​of the university. After the qualified theoretical part of the undergraduate education, they find the opportunity to practice in the hospitals that provide qualified health services. Nursing students continue their education in cooperation with nurses and other team members working in our health institutions. Thus, the students of the nursing department graduate with the qualifications to work both in their own institutions and in other institutions.

We are confident that our graduates will contribute to both our country's nursing and the world's nursing with these values ​​and skills they have gained.


In our university, we want to educate leading nurses who are primarily good people, life is not just to study and get a diploma; the nursing department of our university, which draws a rapid upward acceleration, aims to train nurses providing health care globally.

We will sail together in the vast seas of science with our experienced, young and dynamic academic staff who are experts in their fields. students who have completed a four-year undergraduate program can work in public and private sector hospitals, community health centers, schools, home care services, education-research centers, insurance, industry and educational institutions. Besides; after graduation, they can work as a nurse in health institutions and as an academician in higher education institutions.

“Specialized nurses” are trained in master's and doctoral programs within the Institute of health Sciences of Istinye University.

Istinye University, Faculty of Health Sciences nursing department, we want to let all these together  with you.

Remember you are very value for us.