Faculty of Health Sciences


Why ISU Nursing?

  • The academic staff of the department has a doctoral degree from the select universities, and has a high scientific productivity and educational skills. Turkish and English nursing departments will expand with academicians specializing in different sub-fields over time.
  • The language of instruction is Turkish and English. There is a preparatory training program in the English section. In the Turkish section, English courses are offered as an elective course for 4 years. In this context, our students can contribute to their professional careers through academic and professional English courses at Istinye University Turkish Nursing Department.
  • Our departmental curriculum is based on the National Core Education Program of Nursing and meets all the requirements of qualified nursing undergraduate education.
  • Course of Study; theoretical and practical courses. There is a rich laboratory and equipment where the theoretical education can be applied to the practice and after-training in hospitals.
  • Our practice, which has the prestige and reputation of being a member of the MLPCare group with close knowledge and experience in nearly 30 years of health, is carried out primarily in our university hospitals.
  • In clinical education, planning is made by paying attention to the number of instructors and clinical guidelines per student.
  • Hospital and university integration is important in clinical education.
  • You can open up new doors in your career by meeting with other undergraduate departments such as nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • You can get versatile with rich elective courses.
  • Within the scope of the research methods course in our department program, our students will have the opportunity to make research and to translate their research into publication.
  • Successful graduates have the opportunity to work after graduation in the hospitals of our university.
  • You will feel the excitement of science and research with R & D laboratories equipped with advanced modern and state-of-the-art technologies, including neurological sciences, stem cells, microbiota, tissue engineering and molecular cancer research.
  • Academic achievement scholarships are given to our successful students from our university.
  • You will find enough support to complete your socio-cultural development with a wide range of books, a library, clubs, gyms, lounges, study areas, campus, technological equipment.
  • We will be at your side with your graduate and doctorate programs.
  • Our university provides postgraduate and non-thesis graduate education in nursing after graduation. For the graduate education, students are granted a scholarship right up to 100% with an assessment based on their achievement score average.

You can get the opportunity to make more career opportunities than you think in Nursing Department of Faculty of Health Sciences at Istinye University