Faculty of Health Sciences

Child Developmentists and Children Libraries

Organized by Child Development Department of İstinye University Health Sciences Faculty, the event “Child Developmentists and Children Libraries” was about cooperation between child developmentists and librarians, children-focused library services, the examples in the world and children libraries in İstanbul.

Dr. Işık İlknur Sert, an academician in İstanbul University Information and Document Management Department, mentioned the probable spectacular cooperation between Child Development Department and their department. She said “We want to contribute to the development of our country with innovative ideas. Innovation is a matter of information and learning. İstinye University shows with this meeting how innovative it is. The cooperation with child developmentists is of great importance. By working together, we should teach children how to learn. They should be taught critical thinking starting from young ages. Thanks to the support we will get from child developmentists, we desire to make progress in educating children at what age with what activity.”