Faculty of Health Sciences

Speech and Language Therapy

Message from the Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Müzeyyen Çiyiltepe
Head of Department

Speech and Language Therapist is a healthcare professional who provides studies for the prevention of language, speech and voice disorders of individuals and provides rehabilitation of swallowing, language and speech disorders diagnosed by a specialist.

The language and speech therapist conducts awareness raising studies on risk factors that may cause language, speech and voice disorders in the community and individuals.
Evaluates and applies therapy and rehabilitation planning of patients who are directed by the relevant specialist.


Computer-assisted speech devices, tracheo-oesphageal prostheses and similar speech apparatus, communication boards, such as alternative and communication-assisted additional tools / devices and gestures, sign language, such as the application of non-assisted systems to provide training to the patient.

It takes part in individualized education programs for individuals with special needs (Down syndrome, autism, etc.).

As Istinye University Faculty of Health Sciences Speech and Language Therapy Department, our aim is to fulfilling the in language and speech therapy services in the professional field, to meet the needs of families and society, to have the ability to think critically, to use technology effectively, and to train Language and Speech Therapists who adopt the philosophy of lifelong learning and based their work on evidence-based practices.

Language and speech therapy is one of the most preferred and most competitive professions in the world today.
Students are provided with the opportunity of free internship in 30 hospitals including Liv Hospital, Medical Park and VM Medical Park which have advanced technology in order to turn the theoretical education they get from experienced and expert academic staff into practice in the practical field.

Our successful graduates will have the opportunity to work within the MLPCare Group, which unites “Liv Hospital”, “Medical Park” and “VM Medical Park” hospitals under one roof.

Therapists who have graduated from the Department of Speech and Language Therapy may work in public and private health institutions, in elderly nursing homes, in the Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, as well as in guidance research centers and also as academicians in higher education institutions. Graduated students can also open their own centers or clinics.