Faculty of Health Sciences

Social Service

Where Do Social Workers Work?

Social workers are able to work in many areas in social areas.

Fields of Social Work;

  • Health social work
  • Educational social work; school social work
  • Forensic social work
  • Work and social security
  • Social services and social aid


Social workers are responsible for social health of inpatient, chronic and temporary hospitalized patients in social services of public and private hospitals. In this context, they are concerned not only with their families but also with the environmental conditions affecting their health. Social workers do school social work in accordance with the goals of students’ adaptation to the environment, social balance, and productivity in all educational institutions, from nursery to universities. In order to increase the efficiency of the lessons in the primary, secondary and high schools, they aim to solve the family problems affecting the courses and create a healthy social environment. Social workers work in the courts, with families, individuals, groups and communities for social dimension. They also work with the families of prisoners. They work to overcome the difficulties of working in the fields and factories and to ensure a harmonious working environment in the workplaces. They also work to bring unemployed and incompatible people into the work environment.

In Conclusion;

  • They work at ATAUMs in hospitals and health centers
  • They work in Health, Culture and Sports departments of universities, highschools and primary schools
  • They work general, child and family courts
  • They work in social service organizations such as nurseries, disabled care centers, nursing homes, women's shelters, youth centers.
  • They work in social welfare units.
  • They work with disabled people and the elderly on all levels to enable them to live actively. They take them to the streets, do sports, take them to dance, etc.
  • They do special studies with mentally ill or gifted children. The aim is to make them compatible and efficient.
  • They work with alcoholics, addicts, homosexuals, assailants, retirees, pregnant women, who have problems in adapting to society.
  • They work with women and women who experience violence.
  • Social workers work on the individual, group, family and community level against the sexual abuse of every person.
  • They work with youth, peer and gang groups, street children in indoor and outdoor spaces, and try to bring them into society. (Street Social Work)
  • Social workers work on the streets with homeless people and take care of their placement in shelters.
  • They conduct motivational and social and psychological support with sports groups.
  • They do art therapy works with special age groups like youth, women, retiree
  • They conduct studies on adaptation to society, supporting and strengthening the family in jobs and trainings.
  • They work to improve negative environmental conditions.
  • They work in bureaucratic positions in Social Work and Famil, National Education and Justice ministiries.
  • They work in social service institutions of municipalities. 
  • They seek to solve the immigrant and refugee problems in society on the basis of community adaptation.
  • They conduct international social studies or transnational social studies.
  • They aim to improve social relations and to eliminate social desloteness and social theraphy.